The soul aim of our organization is to excel in our daily executions and operations; we do the same by learning the new ends and by revising the already performed tasks. This not only keeps are internal policy flexible but also gives us the ease to leap over our obstacles, our aim is not just to perform in the best possible manner, but is also to keep the best performers in mind and perform accordingly.

Years of extensive reading have brought us close to be modestly confident enough to undertake responsibility of tirelessly serving the most simplified solutions to potential liabilities in multifarious legal sectors. Our Clients are our best source of challenges and we return have served them the most simplified results.

1. Banking and Finance
2. Corporate Law

  • a. Corporate Advisory
  • b. Litigation before National Company Law Tribunal
  • c. Litigation before National Company Law Appellate Tribunal
3. Competition Laws
4. Consumer Law
  • Advisory and Litigation
5. Disputes
  • a. Commercial Disputes
  • b. Regulatory Disputes
  • c. Litigation Proceedings
  • d. Criminal Proceedings
  • e. Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • f. Civil Litigation
  • g. Civil Rights
  • h. Writ Jurisdiction
  • i. Litigation Strategy (Creditors/ Debtors Rights)
  • j. Criminal Defense for White Collar Crimes
  • k. General Litigations
  • l. Personal Injury (General)
  • m. Personal Liability
  • n. Title Suits
  • o. Injunctions
  • p. Litigation before Hon’ble High Court of Gujarat
  • q. Litigation before Hon’ble Debts Recovery Tribunal (DRT), Ahmedabad
  • r. Litigation before Hon’ble Railway Claims Tribunal (Ahmedabad)
6. Energy, Infrastructure and Natural Resource
  • a. Litigation before Hon’ble Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission
7. Education
  • a. School, University, Institute & Non Profit Organization Compliance & Litigation
  • b. Litigation Before Educational Tribunal
8. Employment
  • a. Litigation before Central Administration Tribunal
  • b. Employment Litigation (Private Sphere)
  • c. Labour Litigation (Writ Jurisdiction)
  • d. Worker’s Compensation
  • e. Discharge, Dismissal and Retrenchment
  • f. Advisory and Assistance for Departmental Inquiries
9. Estate
  • a. Trust Litigation
  • b. Trust/Society/Association Litigation
  • c. Estate Planning and Probate
10. Franchisee/ Dealership
11. Gaming and Gambling Laws
12. Insolvency and Bankruptcy
13. Intellectual Property Rights
14. Real Estate
  • a. RERA Compliance
  • b. RERA Litigation
  • c. Litigation before Hon’ble Special Secretary Revenue Depart